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Asiana Airlines has an announcement to make.On December 14, Asiana Airlines will be launching services between Incheon and Da Nang,the largest commercial city and a port city, where the world cultural heritage Hue, the beautifulold town Hoi An, and the historic site Mi Son are located.

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Customer service plan

Asiana airlines complies with the new rules put forth bythe U.S Department of Transportation and adopts Customer Service Plan applicable to Asiana Airlines flight operating to and from the U.S. (limited application to sales made within the U.S and the conduct on U.S. soil)
Customer Service Plan is intended to address the key service elements mat most affect our customers and me minimum service standards that we adhere to. Asiana airlines will adopt follow and audit following customer service plan.

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  • The A320 and A321 are optimized for mid-to-long range routes. The A320 provides business class and travel class seats, with a seating capacity of 150 and a maximum flight distance of 5,700km.
  • The A320 adopts the “fly-by-wire” system, and is the first among passenger aircraft to have introduced advanced equipment for flight operation systems. It serves as a pioneer in the latest aircraft areas.

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  • The A321-100 is the latest aircraft developed by Airbus. It incorporates advanced equipment, and, in particular, automatic management of the flight course and altitude. Its maximum take-off weight is 78 tons, for a seating capacity of 200.


  • This aircraft was developed by Airbus and optimized for mid-to-long range routes. The A330-300 can accommodate up to 290 passengers (30 business class seats and 260 travel class seats). It is equipped with the “premium business class” seat, which is a bed-type seat that can be pulled back at 166.7 degrees (the first among local business class seats) and provides a 58-inch gap between seats. In addition, it offers the latest interior style and an advanced entertainment system with a 15-inch personal monitor that provides audio and video services.


  • The B767-300, the latest B767 model produced by Boeing, is a twin-motor jet airplane that started operation from the second half of 1986. It is equipped with 2 engines having a 61,500 pound propulsive power, which allows 14-hour non-stop flying. The B767-300 can fly between Seoul and Honolulu, Seattle, Oceania, and Europe without a stopover.

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  • The B737-400 is equipped with advanced equipment. In particular, the flight course and altitude are automatically managed. Its flight management system internally calculates fuel consumption and wind speed, so that the most suitable altitude can be selected for aircraft safety. The length of the body and wings is about half that of the Boeing Jumbo aircraft. Its take-off weight is 64 tons, and the seating capacity for the domestic flight is 166 (travel class), and that of the international flight is 148 (8 business class seats and 140 travel class seats).

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